This Year's Workshops

All workshops are 2 hours and hands on. You will almost always need a laptop! And it comes in handy to have USB-A ports on your computer so if you have a fancy new computer with USB-C only make sure you bring your dongles!

Build Actions for the Google Assistant

Join Google Developer Expert Mark Scheel as we do a live code lab together! Making an Action for the Google Assistant is fast and easy. Learn what tools to use, how to test, and how to deploy. Learn about different surfaces you can deliver to. And where to find resources when you are ready to build more. Every participant that completes the code lab will receive an entry into a giveaway of a Google Mini.



Mark Scheel

Web Connecting Hardware


Lars Knudson

Lars Knudsen

Mesh 101 with Argon by Particle



Chris Turvey

Roy Tokeshi

Roy Tokeshi

IoT and Arduino

Many people have used an Arduino Uno to make an LED blink, but did you know Arduino’s new MKR family of boards can create secure IoT devices?
In this workshop you’ll get hands-on experience creating a secure cloud-connected IoT device using an ARM powered Arduino MKR board.


Laptop with micro-USB cable and Arduino IDE.

Sandeep Mistry

Sandeep Mistry

Portraits from the Portrait Booth at the Open Hardware Summit 20015

Don Coleman


Rod Biresch

"Low power IoT nodes with Mbed and LoRawWAN" and Bringing intelligence to edge devices!


Alessandro Grande


Rex St. John


Louise Paul


Jan Jongboom

Microchip and Cloud: IoT Core



Dave Smith


Daniel Hou

Clouduboy (JavaScript games on Microcontrollers) and  Project Things (Mozilla IoT)



Istvan Szmozsanszky "Flaki"

Intro to rust: From CLI to Embedded. Guest starring Tomu



Jacob Rosenthal

InterLoRatic: Build a GPS Tracker - Long Range IoT



Steve Lacy